South Florida Dog Photographer | Couture Canines Are Here

For 2018, I wanted to launch a few new genres of photography and one of those is my Couture Canine line!  

Dogs have always been a love of mine, and with the loss of my beautiful English Bulldog, Lady, this past year, it's been great for me to photograph others' pets.  

As owners, we LOVE to spoil our pets.

Getting them the best treats, spa treatments, and sometimes even clothing is how we roll!  So I figured, why not spoil our puppies with some awesome portraits of their own!  (And let's be's really to spoil their owners, but we'll keep that our little secret...)

Living room

Decorating your home and office spaces with your adorable pooch brings love.

One of the most fun things you can do to add life to any area is to add the lovable face of your fur baby.  Dogs bring everyone together.  They're as much a part of our families as our children - sometimes they ARE our children when we never had any or our humans grow up and leave the nest.  

Not everyone wants their own photos hung on their walls.

I'll admit, I have portraits of my family all over my walls.  Probably because I'm a family photographer.  But I get it - some clients don't want their own photo hanging; they want their children, parents, loved ones - and that includes their dog photographs.  Those slobbery, furry bundles of cuteness are a part of our family, and our love for them needs to shine!

South Florida Dog Photographer

I would love to photograph your couture dog for your home!  Call me today or click the Contact link below to book your session.  It's a super easy, stress-free process for you and your pup, and I can't wait to spoil the both of you!