SOUTH FLORIDA PREGNANCY & BABIES | Top 5 Products and Baby Must-Haves For Mommies-To-Be

Since I just had a baby 6 months ago...

(what!?! how is he already that old?!?!?), and have used so many products between both of my children, I thought I would put together a list of some of my favorite products for all of my Mommies-to-be that come visit me.  

As a photographer, my clients and I usually have a pretty close relationship by the time I'm done photographing their Maternity and Newborn Sessions - I've seen them go through one of the most amazing experiences in life, and get to meet their precious babies to photograph. goes - The Top 5 Products and Baby Must-haves for Moms...

(first, scroll past my little baby boy, Cory! 


1. Nose Frida, the Snot Sucker

OK, sounds gross, and when my friend told me I HAD to have it, I looked at her like she had seriously lost it.  But she was right!  Even my husband loves this thing.  That old-school booger bulb has NOTHING on this contraption of magic.  Once you can get passed the idea of sucking your child's snot out with your mouth, everything is smooth sailing from there.  Don't worry, nothing goes in your mouth - there are filters that prevent this.  So get it, and thank me later.  You can purchase it here: or at most baby stores.

2. Fisher Price Rock n' Play Sleeper

I have had one of these since I had my daughter 6 years ago, and it is amazing!  Both of my kids spent their first months next to our bed in this.  It's so comforting to your newborn, hugging them perfectly and making them feel secure.  It's especially helpful if your child doesn't like to be swaddled, because they can still get that snug feeling while having their hands and feet out.  There are a lot of different versions now with music and vibration - I had the basic plain one, but still loved it!  It was also helpful when we wanted to go visit a friend or family, and we could fold it up in the car and use it as a great place for naps.  You can find it here:

3. Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash, Original Scent

O.  M.  G.  The delicious scent of this wash makes bath time feel so good - you know that newborn smell a baby has?  This is everything of that and more.  It's a tear-free shampoo and all natural plant-based.  It's both gentle and effective for those not-so-clean baby issues we all love.  My favorite is the original, but they have a lavender that I know is very popular too.  Find this product here:

4. Como Tomo bottles

Now, I have used a few different bottle brands and there are some others that I love, but these bottles were new to me this go-round and I liked them a LOT.  Like their brand says, they're 'better than good' for sure.  The soft hygienic silicone material helps colic and also aims to mimic breastfeeding, which is important for working moms or moms that just need a break!  My little one took right to this bottle.  It also had very few pieces, which in my book is awesome because I don't have to wash 800 things just to put 1 bottle together.  TIME SAVER!!!  You can check out their other products here:

5. Medela breast pump, steam bags, milk saver bags, breast pads, and soap

OK I'm cheating giving one place to 5 of their products, but seriously everything this company makes it amazing for breastfeeding mamas.  Everything is seamless to use - go from putting my milk storage bag on my pump parts, freeze, use, soak bottles in the soap, steam bottles in the microwave bags, and put my breast pads on for leak protection.  DONE and DONE.  Who can argue with that?!  It's all amazing, moms...grab it!!!

If you have an awesome baby product you'd like me to review, shoot me an email!  And if you'd like to become a part of my mommy tribe and schedule your photography session for your pregnancy, Maternity, Newborn, or Baby, contact me below!