WELLINGTON NEWBORN BABY PHOTOGRAPHY | 5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Newborn Photographer

There is a lot to consider when looking for a photographer, but when you are looking for someone to photograph your newborn, you want to be extra critical. If this is your first, you want everything to be perfect. You are so busy and tired from your new addition, you want to be able to put trust into the person who is going to be coming into your lives to handle your sweet new baby.

There are 5 important things to consider when choosing your newborn photographer.

Are they a trained and licensed photographer?

You should choose someone who has training in photographing newborns. Newborns are fragile and you want the person handling them to take extra care of them. I am fully trained in posing and photographing newborns. I am also fully licensed and insured.

Do you feel comfortable around your photographer?

You're a new mom.  You are the gatekeeper to your newborn and if you are not feeling comfortable with your photographer, then you wouldn’t want your newborn to be handled by them. I'll make you feel as comfortable as possible when planning and photographing your newborn's session. I involve my clients every step of the way so you know your baby is comfortable and in good hands.

Does your photographer provide props?

You already have your hands full with a newborn and you don’t want to be running around looking for props for the photo shoot. You're also investing in classic, timeless portraiture and should not have to worry about spending additional dollars on props.  I provide all props, outfits, and wraps/blankets for your shoot. I make sure to clean and disinfect all props and products in gentle, non-scented detergent before your newborn has any interaction with them. All of the props are included in your session fee - there's no extra charge to use my props, and I love designing unique sets with lots of textures and colors!

Does your photographer allow enough time for the photography session?

Newborn photography is unlike any other photo session and cannot be predicted.  Babies shouldn't be rushed during these sessions. Rushing and forcing the infant into poses can lead to some unhappy babies and, in the worst cases, possible injuries. I work off the newborn’s schedule and do not force them to do any poses that aren't naturally obtained. This is to ensure the infant's safety and also to produce amazing images for your family.  Our session can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on how many breaks the baby needs. I am very patient with newborns and take their safety very seriously - they're your most precious gift after all!

Do they allow family members to join in their newborn sessions?

Parents and siblings are allowed to join in my newborn photography sessions - it's actually highly encouraged and included in your session fee!  It is important to capture these family shots, and they are some of my favorite photos to create.

Jill Calefate photography has everything you need for your newborn photography session in South Florida. Schedule your newborn photography session today!