WELLINGTON BABY PHOTOGRAPHY | Newborn Session Preparation

Planning your newborn photography session takes some time to make sure all the details are planned carefully to make sure the baby is comfortable. As soon as we book your session we will start discussing what type of wraps and props we will use for your session. We will have a pre-consultation meeting to plan out the details of the shoot. I provide all props and wraps, you do not need to buy anything.  All newborn photography sessions will either be done at my studio in Wellington, FL or at your home.

Before your session, I will provide you with a preparation checklist. Below is the checklist to help you prepare for your newborn photography shoot.

  1. Please make sure you feel super comfortable. I expect clutter, dirty dishes, bottles, and laundry in your home -- heck, you've just had a baby! No worries, I love a lived-in home.
  2. Make sure you have about 10 ft of clear space for me to set up my shooting area, preferably near natural light/windows. Please have your window blinds or shades open so I can use the yummy lighting in your photos. I'll also have my own additional lighting as well. 
  3. I recommend that you keep your home a bit warmer that morning than usual.  Newborns are used to being bundled up and warm.
  4. Please loosen up your baby's diaper about 30 minutes before the shoot, allowing the imprints that can occur to disappear.
  5. In order to get the most sleepy baby poses during the shoot, I recommend doing whatever you can to ensure the baby is kept awake for the longest period possible prior to the shoot, and save their next feeding for right when I arrive. This will help their little belly stay full and help me get them to sleep quickly.
  6. I bring a baby "shusher" machine that I use to help get them to sleep, along with a womb noise app. Typical sessions can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. The more calm the parents remain, the more likely we are to get the sleepy poses.
  7. Poop Happens! Yes,  your baby will be in the buff for the majority of the session. Please don't panic if they decide to do their "business" right on me or my props. I wash all of my newborn blankets and props between each session with non-scented baby detergent.

The most important rule of all is to RELAX! During this shoot is when you get to enjoy a little time of quiet! I have several years of newborn experience and am very comfortable working with them. Feel free to take a nice long shower, a nap, or even Netflix & chill. Sometimes the newborns actually sleep longer when they can't smell mommy's milk, so it's better if you're close by in the next room.

If you're joining in to do family shots, I'd recommend wearing a solid, neutral shirt (tans, greys, blues all work well).  Skip any busy patterns -- we want the focus to be on the baby!  I'm a big fan of skin to skin portraits, so if you're comfortable with it I'm all in!

Jill Calefate Photography in South Florida is the perfect place to get your newborn photography photo session done. I will take excellent care of your little bundle of joy during the session and you get to relax in the process. Schedule your newborn photography session today!