WELLINGTON BABY PHOTOGRAPHY | Newborn Photography Safety

Newborn photography sessions are one of the most fun sessions for me as a photographer. Who doesn’t love being around brand new squishy babies?!  But it's not all just cuteness and clicking.  Serious injury can happen with an untrained, unprofessional amateur.  Newborn photography should not be done by a friend at home, or even a photographer that dabbles in it from time to time. Here's a few reasons why.

LOVING & HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.  Newborn photographers have to be extra careful with these bundles of joy. During my newborn sessions, I create a safe and loving environment for your newborn and your family. Your newborn photographer should be communicating with you every step of the way to ensure that you are comfortable and your baby is comfortable every step of the way.  I am also fully vaccinated, including the Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine (DTAP/tdap).  I feel that nothing is more important than the safety of a newborn child, and you can have peace of mind when working with me knowing that your little one will not be in harm's way.

POSING SAFETY.  Your most precious gift shouldn't be left in the hands of just anyone.  Did you know that I am professionally trained in newborn photography posing?  I study just like any other professional industry in the latest techniques and safety procedures to ensure that your baby is perfectly safe.  I never force a baby to do a pose that could be harmful or uncomfortable.  I work off of the baby's schedule and comfort level, taking many breaks for feeding, comforting, and lulling to sleep.  

THE MONEY SHOT.  Did you know that most newborn photos are taken and then the final image is composited in Photoshop? This means we actually take multiple images and edit them together to create one cohesive image.  Newborns can’t hold their head in their hands quite yet so the photographer has to create a composite art image in Photoshop to get those "money shots." While choosing the poses that will suit your baby the best, newborn photographers have to be very careful. They will use different supports or people to help hold the baby in a certain position and then will Photoshop them out later. 

BABY WHISPERING.  Yep.  Newborn photographers are baby whisperers.  We are the secret holders to making your baby sleep and relax.  It's the added bonus of watching us lull your newbie to sleep while you sit back and catch up on some serious sleep & relaxation.  Seriously though, I work with the baby's natural feeding and sleeping patterns to photograph them but I add in a few little tricks of my own.  You will leave here with a full Amazon shopping cart of goodies that you will wish you requested on that registry.

These are just some reasons why you should always hire a professional photographer to handle your newborn images.  I'd love to invite you into my home studio in Wellington, FL and have you come check out my awesome space where I photograph your newborn!  Let's create a unique session for you and discuss creative options.