WELLINGTON MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY | The Importance of Capturing Your Pregnancy

There are many reasons on why you should capture your pregnancy and there is no better way to remember those moments than with a maternity photography session. For some of you, this is your first pregnancy and you are worried about gaining weight. Being pregnant is a beautiful gift and you should embrace every moment.

You will always remember how you looked and felt, but with a professional maternity photography session, you will be able to see yourself in a whole new light. The days of nausea and swelling will soon be behind you, and you will want to look back on these times as the timeless moments that they really are.

You will miss your belly once your baby comes, but with a photo session you will always have those memories. You can even pass these photos on to your child. This is the perfect way to start that baby book!  A maternity session is truly your baby’s first photos.

You can get creative with these sessions and it is fun to bring in your spouse and your other children to make the photo session special. A maternity photography session will give you a chance to bond with your spouse and really embrace your belly. Sometimes the journey to pregnancy can be rough, and having these memories make that journey worth it.

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Jill Calefate