From the very start, this family was super sweet!  Heather contacted me on my website from my Facebook page, and explained that she wanted to take update images of her family somewhere amazing in the Palm Beach/ South Florida area that wasn't a beach or park.  Her and her husband have the most precious kids, and her little boy had hit his 6 month milestone.  I could tell she truly valued being in photos with her children, and you all know me!  That's my motto!

I instantly knew where I wanted to take this family to shoot when they said they were up for anything fun and creative.  Immediately I thought of one of my favorite places to shoot in Palm Beach County -- Worth Avenue!  This high-end zip code street is one of the best places for variety in your family photographs.  As a family photographer, I love giving my families multiple locations within a location, giving style and variety to their backgrounds and image looks.  This family wore perfect styling to accompany the location, too!  Her handsome boy was decked out in pink and navy prints, matching mommy, daddy, and big sis perfectly!

We stopped by some of the cute courtyards that Worth Avenue offers.  The kids always love playing in the flowers and fountains, and it gives them oodles of things to play with while driving mommy and daddy nuts :)  You're welcome!  JK.  Kinda.

But seriously, this is one of the best locations for family photography in South Florida and Palm Beach specifically.  I love taking my clients all the way in Broward (and even right in my town of Wellington) and forcing them to drive the extra few minutes north.  I mean, who hates cute streets with pink awnings and amazing staircases?!  Yeah, no one.

I may be a nerdy photographer, but I know how to make those kids have fun during our sessions!  Bonus - I get to capture images like these because of it.  We ended our little adventure down Worth Avenue by jumping right into traffic (haha, just kidding -- kinda, again.)  We safely, with proper precautions, took a quick walk into the street while traffic was stopped and captured this amazing image for the Fitzer Family.  You don't get much cuter than this!

Can't wait to continue to watch this family grow and create many new memories for them to enjoy in their home and forever in their hearts! :)

If you'd like to create some wonderful images to last your family a lifetime of memories, contact me today to book your session!