WELLINGTON FL PHOTOGRAPHY | South Florida Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, I offered my South Florida clients something different.  Well, sorta.  Of course I still offered photography, but I mean different in the way that I pushed moms to get in front of the camera.  Too many mothers don't take the time to actually get IN the photos.  Sure, we have several thousand of our children, but the lack of us in them won't leave much for our kids when we grow old.  They will miss us in their memories of their birthdays, holidays, and even just a good ol' regular Tuesday evening pajama party.

Most women don't know what to wear to a photoshoot, let alone prepare hair and makeup for their photos.  Just the thought can be daunting.  This year I wanted to do something awesome for Mother's Day, and we did just that!  We got in the studio, had hair and makeup available, sipped some awesome drinks and rocked out to tunes!  We had so much fun with the moms and kids -- and even grandmas!!!  

We even ran around playing tag, bouncing up and down, and snuck in a few snacks to keep the kiddos entertained :)

I had an absolute blast and I hope everyone did too!  I love being a photographer here in Wellington and South Florida.  I've met so many wonderful people all over Palm Beach and Broward counties, and the families I've photographed have brought me so much joy.  I can only hope that moms still continue to get in photos with their kids, be present, exist in their memories.  Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

Jill Calefate