WELLINGTON FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY | What to Wear to Your Family Photography Session

You booked your family session and now you want to know what to wear. You will want to coordinate your outfits, but don’t get too matchy matchy. Below are some guidelines you should follow when picking out your family’s outfits.

  • Coordinate your colors, not your clothes. You can pick color tones that match, but everyone doesn’t need to be in the same exact shirt. Pick colors that will look good hanging on your wall. You will want to hang these photos in your home year round, so I recommend steering clear of any holiday-themed outfits.
  • Comfort is King.  Pick clothes that you and your family will be comfortable in. Being comfortable will make you feel better, which in turn helps you to enjoy the session more.  No one wants to be stiff in their images, and unruly clothing can bring just that.
  • Pick out clothes that are not restricting. Movement in images makes for captivating art. If you can’t move in your clothes, you won't be relaxed in your environment.  Your images...well, they will show it.
  • Show your personality! You can wear accessories to go with your outfit that will show off your personality. Every member of your family is unique in their own way. This is a great opportunity to show off everyone’s personality!

If you have any questions on specific outfits, I am happy to help pick out some color tones and patterns that will work best with your family. If you're unsure of what looks best together, send me a quick photo!  I can help you decide. 

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