WELLINGTON FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY | The Importance of Documenting Family

Many times I get contacted to do a family photography session, and it's your typical inquiry: Mom wants photos of the kids.  Period.  

I get it, moms.  You're tired.  You're not feeling your best.  You definitely gained some weight since having children.  And on top of that, Dad won't be enthused about the entire process, and, frankly, you're dreading the whole thing.  Why'd you even call me in the first place???  UGH.

OK OK, I kid...kinda.  While having beautiful portraits of your children is definitely important, ask yourself this one question:  WHAT IMAGES WILL MY CHILDREN HAVE OF ME WHEN THEY GET OLDER?

If your answer is none (or worse, a selfie...ick), there lies your problem.  

A lightbulb went off in my head a few years ago.  I was the same way -- avoiding professional photos at all costs.  Until one day, my husband came home from his grandfather's funeral.  He looked at me and handed me prints of his grandparents from when he was a little kid.  He had recovered them from their home, and it was all he had left of them.  He said "I'm so glad I went, just because I got to come home with these."  BOOM.  All the feels...

Family photography sessions are not for the parents...they are for your CHILDREN.  

These images are going to capture a time for your family when building sand castles and using sidewalk chalk are super fun.  They will make your children feel important and like they have a purpose.  Your children don't care about your weight, your hair, your clothes...they just want to have something to hold onto when they no longer have you.

Your family photography session will capture the love you have for each other. These photos will be in the family forever, passed down generations. When your kids are older, they will be able to look back at these photos and share them with their kids.  Giving your family a portrait history is important, and tracking these milestones is key.

Hanging portraits in your home not only adds to the warmth of a home, but more importantly boosts a child's self esteem.  Displaying large imagery around your home shows children that there is love in this home and that family is the most important part of it.

Don't wait until your kids wished they had a portrait of you...exist in photographs.  Exist in their world.  You'll be so glad you did.

xoxo <3