WEST PALM BEACH FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY | Family Photo Sessions Doesn't Have To Mean Awkward Poses

Family Photography sessions don’t have to be awkward. This is the time to showcase your family as you are and doing what you love to do as a family. I will work with you to create a session that's unique to your family.

Does your family like to bowl, swim, go to the beach, or sit by camp fires? I'll work with you to come up with a way to incorporate your family’s favorite things into the photography sessions. You should make the session fun for yourself and your family. Everyone will be more relaxed and capturing the real smiles are what makes a great photo.

You should also include all members of your family if you can. You can invite extended family and even the family pet! Pets can help everyone relax. When everyone is comfortable, the best moments get captured.

During your session, your family should play and interact with each other. Capturing these lifestyle shots of your family interaction (not awkward poses) is my job. Sure, we'll get the posed portraits for your walls, too, but the best images are the ones that we get when no one is watching.  These sessions can be so much fun and you will end up with some great memories for your family. You will be proud to hang these photos in your home and show off the love your family has to all your guests.