WELLINGTON FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY | The Importance of Documenting Family

Many times I get contacted to do a family photography session, and it's your typical inquiry: Mom wants photos of the kids.  Period.  

I get it, moms.  You're tired.  You're not feeling your best.  You definitely gained some weight since having children.  And on top of that, Dad won't be enthused about the entire process, and, frankly, you're dreading the whole thing.  Why'd you even call me in the first place???  UGH.

OK OK, I kid...kinda.  While having beautiful portraits of your children is definitely important, ask yourself this one question:  WHAT IMAGES WILL MY CHILDREN HAVE OF ME WHEN THEY GET OLDER?

If your answer is none (or worse, a selfie...ick), there lies your problem.  

A lightbulb went off in my head a few years ago.  I was the same way -- avoiding professional photos at all costs.  Until one day, my husband came home from his grandfather's funeral.  He looked at me and handed me prints of his grandparents from when he was a little kid.  He had recovered them from their home, and it was all he had left of them.  He said "I'm so glad I went, just because I got to come home with these."  BOOM.  All the feels...

Family photography sessions are not for the parents...they are for your CHILDREN.  

These images are going to capture a time for your family when building sand castles and using sidewalk chalk are super fun.  They will make your children feel important and like they have a purpose.  Your children don't care about your weight, your hair, your clothes...they just want to have something to hold onto when they no longer have you.

Your family photography session will capture the love you have for each other. These photos will be in the family forever, passed down generations. When your kids are older, they will be able to look back at these photos and share them with their kids.  Giving your family a portrait history is important, and tracking these milestones is key.

Hanging portraits in your home not only adds to the warmth of a home, but more importantly boosts a child's self esteem.  Displaying large imagery around your home shows children that there is love in this home and that family is the most important part of it.

Don't wait until your kids wished they had a portrait of you...exist in photographs.  Exist in their world.  You'll be so glad you did.

xoxo <3

WELLINGTON FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY | What to Wear to Your Family Photography Session

You booked your family session and now you want to know what to wear. You will want to coordinate your outfits, but don’t get too matchy matchy. Below are some guidelines you should follow when picking out your family’s outfits.

  • Coordinate your colors, not your clothes. You can pick color tones that match, but everyone doesn’t need to be in the same exact shirt. Pick colors that will look good hanging on your wall. You will want to hang these photos in your home year round, so I recommend steering clear of any holiday-themed outfits.
  • Comfort is King.  Pick clothes that you and your family will be comfortable in. Being comfortable will make you feel better, which in turn helps you to enjoy the session more.  No one wants to be stiff in their images, and unruly clothing can bring just that.
  • Pick out clothes that are not restricting. Movement in images makes for captivating art. If you can’t move in your clothes, you won't be relaxed in your environment.  Your images...well, they will show it.
  • Show your personality! You can wear accessories to go with your outfit that will show off your personality. Every member of your family is unique in their own way. This is a great opportunity to show off everyone’s personality!

If you have any questions on specific outfits, I am happy to help pick out some color tones and patterns that will work best with your family. If you're unsure of what looks best together, send me a quick photo!  I can help you decide. 

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WEST PALM BEACH FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY | Family Photo Sessions Doesn't Have To Mean Awkward Poses

Family Photography sessions don’t have to be awkward. This is the time to showcase your family as you are and doing what you love to do as a family. I will work with you to create a session that's unique to your family.

Does your family like to bowl, swim, go to the beach, or sit by camp fires? I'll work with you to come up with a way to incorporate your family’s favorite things into the photography sessions. You should make the session fun for yourself and your family. Everyone will be more relaxed and capturing the real smiles are what makes a great photo.

You should also include all members of your family if you can. You can invite extended family and even the family pet! Pets can help everyone relax. When everyone is comfortable, the best moments get captured.

During your session, your family should play and interact with each other. Capturing these lifestyle shots of your family interaction (not awkward poses) is my job. Sure, we'll get the posed portraits for your walls, too, but the best images are the ones that we get when no one is watching.  These sessions can be so much fun and you will end up with some great memories for your family. You will be proud to hang these photos in your home and show off the love your family has to all your guests.


When deciding and booking a family photography session, there are a few DON’Ts you want to keep in mind.

  • DON’T dress your family in jeans and white shirts. That's what everyone wants tends to pick, but you should pick an outfit that relates to your family’s personality and style.  Plus, that look is soooo 90's. 
  • DON’T arrive miserable to the session. Make sure everyone gets plenty of sleep the night before. Come to the session ready to have fun. These sessions don’t have to be awkward, they are meant to be fun for your family and to make memories.
  • DON’T expect to hate this session. Every one of my clients walks out having a blast! I like to make sure the family is comfortable during the session and that everyone is relaxed and having fun.
  • DON’T forget to accessorize. Coordinate colors and mix patterns with solids with the whole family. This will show your family’s unique style with still being coordinated.
  • DON’T choose a photographer who you can’t laugh with. If you feel comfortable with your photographer, the session will go a lot smoother. Everyone will be having a great time when you have a photographer who can get along with your family.
  • DON’T overdo the makeup. Wear it, but make it look natural. You want to show your everyday look in these images.
  • DON’T pick trendy items. Choose items that are timeless and that will always look good hanging on your wall.

When you keep these key points in mind, your family photography session will be easy and everyone will come out looking great. It's so important to capture these family memories, and it doesn't have to be awkward or painful for the family. As long as you plan and prepare, your family session will be great...I will make sure of it!

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WELLINGTON CHILDRENS PHOTOGRAPHY | National Association of Professional Child Photographers Welcome Jill Calefate Photography

I'm so excited to announce that I have been accepted into the National Association of Professional Child Photographers!  This is an amazing honor and I could not wait to share it with my clients.  I have been honored amongst some of the best of the best in children's photography.

I can't wait to contribute content about newborn photography, participate in photography contests and up my game in the industry.  Thank you to all of my clients for your continued support!