I grew up in South Florida and moved to Atlanta after college.  I worked in Atlanta in the Media & TV industry and met my wonderful husband.  Those two cute kids above my head -- yep, they're ours.  One doesn't chat as much as the other, but she drools and snores incessantly.  The other -- well, she is pretty much me in a mini human and the most amazing thing I've ever accomplished.  I love them all, and they are why I do WHAT I DO.  I photograph others to lock in memories, to hold on to moments, and to look back in time and recreate feelings so you can experience them once again. 

I love photography - I think that's a given for any photographer - but I truly love the experience I can provide for my clients.  I want them to feel beautiful, excited, and like a million bucks when their shoot is complete.  I want the child dressing up like a fairy princess to feel like she can fly.  I want to capture the sweetness of the tiny toes on your newborn.  Capturing the essence of the client is what truly makes the best images.  The connection that we make is absolutely irreplaceable, and I cherish working with every single one of my clients.  I'd love to create some beautiful memories for you and your family!